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New dealership rating system for consumers introduced

October 27, 2013
A new third-party agency on Oct. 7 announced plans to rate dealerships’ reputations with consumers based on a 100-point scale.
Consumer Perception Rating calls its scoring system an “unbiased, overall online reputation rating based on how consumers as a whole perceive a dealer’s reputation.”
The service works a lot like a credit score, using key metrics such as reviews and ratings from the industry’s most influential review sites to generate an agnostic, independent, third-party, consolidated, consumer-driven score.
Dealerships are given a CPR™ Score, based on a 100 point scale, which consumers can then compare against other area dealerships, to help them make informed choices. The company said dealers who score 85 or better have demonstrated a commitment to excellent customer service and consistent consumer satisfaction.
According to data collected, 19.4 percent of franchised automotive dealerships in the country have a CPR™ Score of 85 or better.
All dealerships receive a CPR Score and CPR Badge, which they can feature on their website or in other advertising. The scores are maintained at two websites: and
Dealerships also can also claim their profile on the site, which will include a list of review sites for that dealership, its average rating, the number of reviews and general information such as address and phone number.
If a dealership does not have enough relative online review activity, it is assigned a “NR” rating, for Not Rated; company officials note that many “NR” scores are a result of duplicate or erroneous dealer review site listings, which should be removed or consolidated by the dealer.
Consumer Perception Rating does not charge for any of its services, the company said, and the only way for a dealership to improve its CPR Score is to receive legitimate positive consumer reviews.
Consumer Perception Rating also provides tips on how to improve CPR Scores, and hosts webinars regarding the site and services.