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New CATA Employee Relations counsel named

November 24, 2010
A Chicago law firm, Franczek Sullivan P.C., has been retained by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association to represent the association's dealer members in labor, employment and educational matters. 
The chief contact at Franczek Sullivan is David Radelet, a founding partner of the firm. Radelet succeeds James F. Hendricks Jr. and Fisher & Phillips LLP as the CATA's Employee Relations Counsel. The change is effective April 1. 
Among other duties, Franczek Sullivan will administer current and future contracts with the four unions present in CATA dealerships: I.A.M. Local No. 701, Standard Automotive and Ford Truck Agreements; Teamsters Local No. 731 Garage Attendants; Teamsters Local No. 179 and I.A.M. Lodge No. 1749 (both in the Joliet New Car & Truck Dealers Association) and I.A.M. District Lodge No. 377 (Chicago Heights Automobile Dealers). 
In union-related matters, Radelet has represented management in scores of union organizing and decertification elections, unfair labor practice or other NLRB proceedings, collective bargaining negotiations, and arbitration proceedings. 
Radelet and his associates can be reached at Franczek Sullivan P.C., 300 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60606. The office phone is 312-986- 0300; the fax is 312-986-9192. 
"The CATA board of directors is confident that Franczek Sullivan will provide exemplary employee relations counsel for the association's dealers," said CATA Chairman Bob Van Iten.