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National Automotive Technology Competition

November 17, 2010

Thirty-six high school teams from around the country competed this month to be the year’s top student technician team. The annual National Automotive Technology Competition is at the New York Auto Show. 

The team from this area, sponsored by the CATA, hails from the Hammond Area Career Center in Hammond, Ind. Instructor Chris Golden and students DerrickHuzzie and Setzer Howard placed 22nd out of 36 teams. Huzzie and Howard worked on a Mercedes Benz C class sedan. 


The competition focused on several different aspects of the vehicle, including work stations devoted to braking systems, charging/starting units, door lock systems, voltage drops, and oscilloscope and digital voltage ohm meter (DVOM) readings. Then the students worked on vehicles which functioned but which were "bugged" with faults that the students had to diagnose and repair following proper procedures as outlined by the manufacturer.  

Points were deducted if proper procedures were not followed and documented by the student technicians. Finally, the students completed a written exam covering environmental hazards, OSHA guidelines and EPA regulations. 


"Our score doesn’t reflect it," said Golden, "but I think the students did a wonderful job at this competition. They finished with a real sense of accomplishment and felt they placed in the top 10 of the event, only to be disappointed by their final score. I think the competition was just that tough."