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NADA's'19 Dealership Workforce Study opens

February 22, 2019
Participation in the 2019 Dealer Workforce Study, one of the automotive industry’s largest workforce studies, is underway at Enrollment ends April 12.
Dealer participation in the National Automobile Dealers Association report is vital and allows the NADA to analyze and provide such valuable information. The annual report helps new-car and –truck dealers to fine-tune employee compensation and benefits, promote retention, and stay ahead of the demographic curve.
New for 2019 and based on dealer feedback, the study has been reworked to obtain more insight into compensation plans for variable operations positions. That will further assist participants and users of the study in their decision making with regards to pay structure.
All participating NADA Members will receive a complimentary custom report for their store. This exclusive report will include a Workforce Management Scorecard that compares and ranks the participating dealership against peer-level dealerships on key metrics related to compensation, retention and turnover.
In addition, all participants will receive a complimentary copy of the 2019 Dealership Workforce Study National & Regional Trends in Compensation, Benefits & Retention Report. Participants also will be granted access for up to one year to the Database Search Tool where they will find all of the data submitted for each of the past workforce studies.