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NADA recounts 109th Congress wins

November 17, 2010

The 110th U.S. Congress convenes its two-year session Jan. 4. Its predecessor, the 109th Congress, was often derided as inactive. But the National Automobile Dealers Association indicated the body passed several significant measures of benefit to dealers.


According to the NADA, during the past two years:


  • Bipartisan support grew to require insurance companies to disclose vehicle total-loss data;
  • Bankruptcy laws were reformed to create more fairness for dealers;
  • The so-called "right to repair" legislation was killed;
  • The LIFO ("last in, first out") accounting method was saved from elimination;
  • Legislation was enacted to shield dealers from frivolous lawsuits such as vicarious liability and class action suits;
  • Liability under the Unrelated Business Income Tax was repealed for two years;
  • Redundant and inconsistent consumer credit security proposals were halted;
  • Exemption was restored for the established business relationship under the Do-Not-Fax rule;
  • Onerous fuel economy mandates, which would threaten vehicle availability, safety and jobs, were defeated;
  • Progress was measurable in reform of the federal estate tax;
  • "Safe harbor" was provided for taxable highway tractors; and
  • State dealer association health plans were protected from problematic IRS rules.


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