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NADA prints federal advertising compliance requirements

March 13, 2015
The latest NADA publication, "A Dealer Guide to Federal Advertising Requirements," provides an overview of federal advertising requirements to dealer personnel, dealer advertising agencies, manufacturers, finance companies and others involved in advertising the sale, financing and leasing of automotive products and services. 
The guide does not address additional advertising requirements that may be imposed at the state or local level, which vary considerably and need to be fully addressed when dealer ads are reviewed for legal compliance.     
The guide’s release coincides with intense scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission of dealer compliance with federal advertising standards. Since 2012, the FTC has initiated enforcement actions against 18 dealers in 12 states for multiple types of advertising violations.
The user-friendly guide contains examples of "bad" ads and "good" ads and presents short, alphabetically arranged chapters on 41 different federal advertising topics such as the use of discount claims, e-mail advertising, green marketing claims, internet advertising, satisfaction guarantees and "trigger terms." 
Because the guide is available as a pdf, readers can quickly access content on any topic simply by clicking on a hyperlink to it in the Table of Contents.