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NADA opposes NLRB poster mandate

March 4, 2011
The Natonal Automobile Dealers Association on Feb. 22 filed comments with the National Labor Relations Board opposing its proposal to require dealerships to post a notice on rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  
Among the NADA’s key concerns:
1. The NLRB isn’t authorized to generally mandate such a poster. 
2. Small-business dealerships should not be burdened with yet another poster mandate, especially given the massive cumulative federal, state and local regulatory burdens they already shoulder.
3. Useful information on the NLRB/NLRA is readily available to dealerships and their employees on the NLRB’s website and elsewhere. 
4. Contrary to the NLRB’s historical role as a neutral arbiter, the proposed poster is unfairly biased in favor of unionization. 
The NLRB is expected to decide whether to move forward with its proposal later this year. Questions? Contact or (703) 821-7040.