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NADA launches national radio campaign to mark franchise system

November 18, 2010

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the new-car and truck franchise system and enhance the image of dealers, the NADA has launched a national radio campaign under the theme "Every Dealer Matters."  

The 30-second commercial highlights the impact dealers have on the economy and in their communities.


The spot is airing in 30 states on 1,680 radio stations for a 13-week period. In all, it will air nearly 110,000 times, making an estimated 67 million impressions on adults 25-54. 

Dealers, the ad notes, account for 20 percent of all retail sales in the country. Dealers also support hometown charities, civic groups, schools and sports teams.


"Every dealer matters," the commercial declares. "It was true 100 years ago; it’s still true today." 

The first car sold in this country, a Duryea Motor Wagon, was sold factory-direct in 1896 to a man in Norwood, Mass.


The first independent new-car dealer was a Detroit bicycle "tradesman," as the term was then. In 1896, he bought several Waverly electric cars from the factory and displayed them in his bicycle shop. The next year he completed the first known sale of a car by a dealer.