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NADA: 'Good time to buy a car'

November 17, 2010

The domino effect of the bust in the housing sector has found its way to the automotive sector, with downward pressure on the ability and the willingness of consumers to buy new vehicles.

To counter that, the National Automobile Dealers Association  developed talking points that are part of its national campaign, "It’s a Good Time to Buy a Car."

Annette Sykora, the NADA chairman, said dealers should employ the talking points "at every opportunity" with customers and the media.

GOOD TIME TO BUY talking points:

• Yes, it’s a tough time for business, but it’s a great time for the consumer who has a stable job and solid credit scores.

• It’s important for consumers to know that credit is available. Don’t look to the headlines to decide whether to buy a car. Look to your local dealer. Each market is different. Your local dealer knows the market. And your local dealer can help get financing that meets your needs.

• The fact is, for many people this may be the best time in years to buy a car. There are plenty of incentives to lower the costs. Dealers can help find financing. And the quality and fuel-efficiency of today’s vehicles are the best ever.

• You’ve heard the saying "All politics is local." The same is true for credit. All credit is local. The dealer has access to multiple sources of financing, including many community banks and credit unions that have plenty of money to lend. That’s why if you’re in the market for a car, it’s important to go to your local dealership.