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NADA backs visits with congressmen

November 16, 2010

The National Automobile Dealers Association is encouraging dealers to invite their senators and representatives for informal dealership visits during Congress’s Independence Day recess, June 28-July 7.

Ray Ciccolo, chairman of the NADA Government Relations Committee, said the inaugural Congressional Dealership Days can help familiarize congressmen with the realities of automotive retailing and give dealers an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with their federal lawmakers.

"This," said Ciccolo, "is an opportunity to educate elected officials about your business, explain your investments in your community, introduce them to your employees, and discuss the challenges of running a successful dealership."

Ciccolo said hosting congressmen is simple and does not require extensive knowledge of the NADA’s public policy positions. "Particularly in an election year," he said, "senators and representatives are eager to visit, as this allows them to meet with a broad cross-section of their constituents."

Nearly all members of the NADA’s Governmental Relations Committee have agreed to participate. For help in hosting a visit, call the NADA legislative office at 800-563-1556.