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More women enjoy shopping for vehicles: poll

November 23, 2010

Shopping for cars and trucks at dealerships is more fun for women. In a summer survey, 45 percent of women said they enjoyed shopping for a vehicle, compared to 36 percent of men. Just 7 percent of women said they hated the vehicle shopping experience, versus 15 percent of men, a St. Louis marketing research company, Moritz Research, found.

"The old notion that women are treated poorly at the dealership seems to have gone by the wayside, as they are reporting more positive feelings toward vehicle shopping than men," said David Ensing of Moritz Research. "On the other hand, one-fifth of Americans still dislike the vehicle shopping process.

But the two biggest complaints, people and process issues, are things that dealers can easily address," he said. The main things survey respondents said they disliked or hated about vehicle shopping were dealing with salespeople, negotiating a final price, arranging for financing, and the length of time the process takes. The random national telephone survey polled 501 men and 503 women.