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Martin Boyer deflects unemployment claims

November 23, 2010
One hundred sixteen CATA dealer members reported a combined 458 unemployment claims to the Martin Boyer Co. during the third quarter of 2004. The company's efforts saved those dealers a total of $1.07 million in benefits by contesting the claims. Martin Boyer monitors any unemployment claims against its clients. About 200 CATA dealers are clients of the company. Subsequent to the sale of Martin Boyer's parent company, the firm now operates as Cambridge Integrated Services Group, Inc. Claims that can be protested and subsequently denied help minimize an employer's unemployment tax rate. The rate can vary between .06 percent and 6.8 percent of each employee's first $9,000 of earnings. The average unemployment tax rate among Illinois employers is 3.1 percent, or $279 annually. "The unemployment tax is really the only controllable tax, in that it's experience- driven," said Paul Schardt, senior vice president of Cambridge. An ex-employee's claim affects the employer's tax rate for three years. Client fees amount to $2.10 per employee, per fiscal quarter. For the fee, Cambridge monitors all unemployment claims, files any appeals, represents the client at any hearings, verifies the benefit charge statements and confirms the client's unemployment tax rate. The former Martin Boyer Co. has represented CATA members since 1979. To discuss retaining the company, call Schardt at 312-381-8241.


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