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Marketing in the dealer and mobile world

July 18, 2014
A new study finds that women increasingly are attached to their mobile devices. The study, "Women + Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond," found that 60 percent of women say their smartphone is the most important device they own, and 88 percent of women say their phones give them something to do during their "empty" time every day.
What does that mean for a dealership? Well, if you’re not fully engaging the mobile space in your marketing efforts to women, you’re missing out.
Text Reminders and Alerts
Dealerships that aren’t taking steps to go paperless are in danger of being left behind by dealerships that are. Not only is paper becoming increasingly cost-prohibitive — take a look at how much the company spends each year on printing alone — but women are very responsive to auto dealers who have green practices. Going paperless is a major step in that direction.
Using paperless agreements, email, Web, and mobile advertising, online appointment scheduling and finance qualification, and even utilizing text messaging to keep in touch with customers after the sale are great ways to make sure the dealership remains front-of-mind for women customers.
Service reminders, scheduled maintenance notices, recall information and more all can be transmitted wirelessly straight to the conduit via which a woman gets all her other important updates: her mobile phone.
The Mobile Web
Of course, it also is desirable to use the mobile space to reach women who aren’t already a customer, and the mobile Web is where to do that.  Smartphone and tablet users are threatening to overtake the population of desktop PC users on the Web, so if a dealership is still using a website designed for desktop viewing, it’s time to give that site a facelift and retrofit to fit inside the mobile space. It’ll make the site cleaner, simpler, and easier to navigate from a smaller screen, with some added benefits on the back end as well: mobile SEO.
Giving a website a mobile makeover is a great time to revisit any SEO practices, ensure the entire website is "crawlable," that the right keywords are still targeted, and, most important, that SEO geared at the mobile user is being capitalized. Mobile searchers are on the go, which means she’s actively looking for a business like yours if she is searching for a car dealer on her phone. Dealerships that fail to take the steps to make sure she finds them first are going to miss out on important sales opportunities.
The Pitfalls
When it comes to advertising on the Web, mobile or otherwise, most women don’t mind ads as long as they can control the experience. Location-based offers are very effective right now, as 41 percent of women say they prefer ads that are relevant to where they are located. Fifty-two percent say they prefer ads that are relevant to what they’re currently doing on the Web. 
The number one negative? Intrusive ads — 91 percent of women say they hate ads that pop up, take over, or otherwise distract from their browsing experience, so stay away from that. Simply make the dealership visible, mobile-friendly, and allow the business to become part of her mobile Web space. Then, when she finds herself ready to shop for a new car, she’ll find you.
The study was conducted by Time, Inc., and Nuance Digital Marketing.