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Many dealers to pause for 2012 year-end holidays: CATA survey

November 20, 2012
Ninety-four dealers responded to a recent query about their operating hours over the coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
The results show all operations will pause on Christmas Day and many on New Year’s Day. Activity is more varied on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
The chart below summarizes how dealerships will treat the holidays.
Unionized technicians are entitled to paid days off Dec. 24 and 25 and Jan. 1, unless a shop agreement has been reached.
In all cases, workers must work their regularly scheduled day before and after the holiday in order to receive pay on the holiday, unless the worker is off-work or on an employer-approved vacation or leave.
Dealers with union questions should call the CATA’s labor relations counsel, Franczek Sullivan P.C., at (312) 986-0300.
Holiday operating hours
Date Open (full day) Open (partial day) Closed
Dec. 24      
Service 0 9 85
Sales 1 56 37
Other 1 23 73
Dec. 25      
Service 0 0 94
Sales 0 0 94
Other 0 0 94
Jan. 1      
Service 0 0 94
Sales 0 22 74
Other 0 2 92