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Making a good deal even better for EV customers

March 11, 2016
By Mary Jo Warskow, Elevate Energy
Whether it’s the right price, right color, or right features, there’s always a detail that can make a great sale even better. And that detail can turn a good customer into an effective word-of-mouth advocate for your dealership. 
The sweet spot for electric vehicle owners is lowered fuel costs. But how can you, the dealer, help a committed EV buyer realize even greater fuel savings? It’s simple, and just two words:  Hourly Pricing. 
ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program lets customers take advantage of the hourly wholesale market price for electricity, which tends to be cheaper during nights and weekends. This happens to be the same time most electric vehicle owners are charging their cars. 
Hourly Pricing participants have saved an average of 15 percent compared to what they would have paid on ComEd’s fixed-price rate. Given their larger consumption of electricity, EV owners have the potential to save even more. The program currently has hundreds of EV owner participants.
Read any of the local EV forums and you’ll find Hourly Pricing mentioned.  Often, it’s one EV owner recommending the program to another current or future EV owner. But why should an unknown person on a forum get the credit for helping an EV owner reap the benefits of this program? We know that EV dealers are in the perfect position to do the same. 
Eric N., a Chevy Volt owner and happy Hourly Pricing participant, had the same question when reflecting on his EV purchase experience. Eric said he received great customer service and encountered very knowledgeable staff at all the dealerships he visited in pursuit of a new EV. 
But Eric thought his EV purchasing experience could have been improved had he received timely information on the Hourly Pricing program. Eric said he would have been happy to read an Hourly Pricing brochure while waiting for the Sales Manager’s approval or for the Business Manager to fill out paperwork. 
Based on his experience of saving 20 percent in the two years he’s been on the Hourly Pricing program, Eric said, "Hourly Pricing is a necessity for any EV owner."
Don’t let the forum folks get all the credit! Contact me at (773) 922-3018 and to get your free Hourly Pricing brochures and plan an EV event today.
The ComEd Hourly Pricing program is administered for ComEd by the nonprofit organization Elevate Energy, whose mission is to deliver smarter energy use for all. Elevate designs and implements efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. For more information, visit