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License/title fees not part of Sept. 1 tax hikes

November 15, 2010

A staggered rollout of tax and fee increases beginning Sept. 1 left some Illinois dealerships confused about when the changes affect them.

The price increases effective Sept. 1 are on carbonated drinks, candy made without flour and alcohol. Fees related to owning and driving a car increase at the end of this year.

Beginning Jan. 1, Illinoisans will face the following rate hikes impacting motor vehicle title fees (Certificate of Title & Transfer of Registration); and other fees related to owning and operating a vehicle:

• Certificate of Title fees increase from $65 to $105 
• Transfer of registration fees increase from $15 to $30
• License Plate Fees (Motor Vehicle Registration)
• Passenger and Truck B registration fees increase from $79 to $99 
• Also, tripling the cost for new and renewed driver’s licenses, from $10 to $30, will generate an estimated $30 million annually.

The tax and fee increases, combined with state debt and federal and local matching funds, reportedly fund the $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! plan.

It is the first statewide capital construction effort to become law in over a decade.