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Let Aflac take you under its wing because . . .

April 29, 2011
How to strengthen your current benefits package
(at no direct cost to the dealership)
Let Aflac take you under its wing because . . .
1. Your CATA board of directors voted “YES” to a unique program spearheaded by Paul Jackson, (313) 808-0221.
2. Aflac protects your employees and their families from financial hardship after a serious accident or illness
3. Aflac is the No. 1 provider of voluntary insurance benefits (and a name you can trust)
4. The only requirement from the dealership is the time to input payroll deductions
5. With pre-tax deductions, the Aflac program can bring thousands of dollars to the dealership’s bottom line (and already has for many dealers!)
6. This unique program simultaneously benefits the CATA and all the work the association performs for the dealers and the community
7. Paul Jackson is an experienced executive who worked with Regional Dealership Advertising Groups for over 20 years before joining Aflac.
To learn more about this unique CATA program, call Paul Jackson at (313) 808-0221.