Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Legislators directory enclosed

November 22, 2010
A current directory of elected officials in Illinois executive and legislative branches as well as U.S. senators and representatives from Illinois is enclosed with this newsletter for CATA members.
With addresses and telephone numbers of all the elected officials, the Legislative Directory is an invaluable tool for contacting the officials to indicate support of or opposition to governmental matters.
Dealers have demonstrated that they can have a significant impact on the political and legislative system, if they organize and work together. Dealers must focus on group efforts when it comes to politics.
CATPAC, the political action committee of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, exists to advance the concerns of franchised, new-vehicle dealers in Illinois. Notable legislation currently before the Illinois General Assembly includes a bill, lobbied for by Carfax, to include accident incidents as part of a vehicle's history report. The CATA opposes the legislation. (See related story in this newsletter.)
The dealer body's unified position on this and other important issues can be voiced through CATPAC. Funding for CATPAC comes wholly from the constituents it serves: CATA members.
Limited additional copies of the legislator directory are available.


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