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Employee Relations Counsel

 One of the many significant benefits of CATA membership is access to the CATA's Employee Relations Counsel for advice and counsel regarding various types of labor and employment issues. Some of these legal services are available to CATA members on a reduced cost basis.

The CATA has retained David P. Radelet of Littler Mendelson P.C. to serve as CATA Employee Relations Counsel. Dave has represented management in labor and employment matters for more than 30 years, and has served as CATA Employee Relations Counsel for nearly 20 years. Littler is the largest law firm in the world representing management exclusively in labor and employment matters, and has more than 40 attorneys in its Chicago office ready to assist CATA dealer members in labor, employment and employee benefits matters. Dave and his colleagues at Littler enjoy a national reputation as one of the leading management labor and employment law firms in the nation, and the CATA is pleased to be able to offer these services to its member dealers.

In order to fully serve the needs of the CATA and its members, Dave has assembled a team of attorneys at Littler who understand how car dealerships operate, are familiar with the CATA and its various union contracts, and offer an expertise in a wide variety of labor and employment issues. Some of the areas in which Littler can offer assistance to dealers include the following:

General employment counseling: providing day-to-day counseling for dealers to help navigate the growing number of statutes, ordinances and court decisions affecting the workplace.
  • Employment litigation: defending dealers in employment discrimination charges (age, sex, race, religion, national origin, etc.) filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights, or in employment-related lawsuits of any kind filed in state or federal court.
  • Union contract negotiations: negotiating contracts with unions that represent dealer employees.
  • Interpretation and application of union contract language: assisting dealers in determining their rights and obligations and resolving disputes under existing union contracts.
  • Union organizing attempts among dealer employees: advising dealers in the context of union organizing drives and providing union-preventative education for non-union dealers.
  • Workplace safety: answering dealer inquiries relating to worker safety under the Occupational Safety and Health law.
  • Employee benefits issues: providing advice and counsel on benefit plan design, application and interpretation.
Dave and his team stand ready to serve you. We encourage all dealers to contact Dave directly ( with any labor and employment question or problem.
321 N. Clark St.  Ste. 1100
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