Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Attorneys & Legislative Consultants

CATA General Counsel - Each CATA member is entitled to a limited amount of general legal advice from the association's general counsel, Dennis O'Keefe. Dennis has extensive experience in the automotive industry, dealer line associations and manufacturer relations, as well as state and local government.

Dennis M. O'Keefe, P.C.
1025 W. Everett Road
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
(847) 482-0400 / Fax (847) 482-1366
CATA Legislative Consultant - The CATA continues to make strides towards recognition in local and state governmental bodies, and to solidify its longstanding relationships in legislative and regulatory affairs. One of the main reasons is the great support CATPAC/NADA PAC has been able to provide our legislative team. To that end, it is of vital importance that we maintain that support in the upcoming years.

Our lobbying firm, led by Scott Marquardt, coordinates our efforts to maximize impact, but almost every CATA dealer member has governmental contacts who need to be catalogued to assist in accomplishing our collective goals. Please assist us in this mission whenever you can help make contact with a member of a government legislative body or other elected official.

Dealers are strongly encouraged to participate in the collective efforts of the CATA by contributing to CATPAC. CATA legislative efforts and governmental affairs are assisted by the Marquardt group and coordinated for our membership through the Board of Directors only.

Please alert the CATA about any relationships you have cultivated with state and local legislators which you think can bolster the association's outreach efforts.
ROGER C. MARQUARDT & CO. 600 S. 2nd St., Suite 400
Springfield, IL 62704-2559
(217) 523-4200 and:
311 S. County Farm Rd., Suite I
Wheaton, IL 60187-2477
(630) 221-9200
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