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Learning University adds management course

November 22, 2010

A two-day course, "High Performance Management," has been added to the curriculum of CATA Learning University, which has classes for various dealership departments. The first meeting of "High Performance Management" is Jan. 16-17. See the flyer in this newsletter to register for that course and other Learning University offerings.

The new course helps managers implement negotiation strategies to improve profits and conduct interactive training with salespeople to keep those strategies alive. "The new class will show managers how to negotiate for maximum gross, volume and CSI, and then roll that out in a sales meeting," said David Worrall of Resource Dealer Group, which provides instruction for CATA Learning University.

Among the course goals:

• Building a selling process
• Building a negotiating strategy
• Managing the negotiation process
• Desking a deal for maximum profit
• Integrating cash down and payments
• Tracking a sales team's success
• Conducting interactive training meetings
• Gaining employee buy-in during training
• Creating accountability for skills learned in training