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Lawyers crafting next 731 union contract

November 24, 2010
Attorneys authorized to represent CATA dealers with unionized employees of Teamsters Local No. 731 gathered those dealers at the CATA July 2 to review negotiations to date on a new collective bargaining contract. The current deal expires July 31. The 731 union organizes stockroom attendants, garage attendants, drivers and utility employees such as porters. One hundred thirty-four area dealerships are identified as employing 731-unionized workers. Francek Sullivan, the employee relations counsel of the CATA, has individual agreements with nearly all of those dealerships to represent them in the contract negotiations. David Radelet, the lead attorney for Francek Sullivan in the union negotiations, said affected dealers would be updated by fax as talks continue. Radelet can be reached at 312-786- 6190. Negotiations in 1998 were not finalized on the current collective bargaining contract until one month after the previous pact expired. Pay raises and other agreements were retroactive to Aug. 1, 1998.