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Is the AIADA relevant?

November 23, 2010

Automotive News recently renewed its insistence that the fights of the AIADA and the NADA are the same, and that the two associations should be merged or the AIADA otherwise eliminated. Automotive News argues that (1) the AIADA has lost its focus, and (2) the NADA can provide all necessary services for automobile dealers. Is the AIADA relevant? My answer is a resounding Yes! The AIADA has not lost focus. Trade was the motivating reason to launch the association in 1970, but it wasn't the only reason. And trade issues still exist. Just last week, Congress inserted one word into the language regarding the dividend tax issue. That single word allows only domestically owned corporations to get the tax break on dividends. That sure sounds like "trade" to me. The AIADA is fighting for us. So far, the NADA is silent. The AIADA championed the repeal of the estate tax and is working to eliminate the tax permanently. This is an issue that affects all dealers, not just international nameplates. Someone needs to be in Washington, D.C., looking out for our interests. We all need to support the AIADA. And if you're not an AIADA member, please join. Your future is at risk. Kelly, an AIADA director, wrote this piece in Washington, D.C., where he attended the association's annual Automotive Congress for grassroots lobbying. The AIADA is at (703) 519-7800.