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Innovative texting program launched for Chicago Auto Show

November 10, 2010
 With more than 270 million mobile phones sending 100 billion texts in the United States alone, text messaging has become the preferred form of communication for millions of consumers.

Recognizing this shift in consumer behavior, the CATA has partnered with Text2Drive to harness the power of texting throughout this year’s Chicago Auto Show. The innovative Text2Drive platform will be used to grow attendance and increase attendee participation by raising awareness and creating a "buzz" around special events, featured vehicles and show promotions.

Text2Drive offers exhibitors a chance to opt in as well. By simply placing a sticker on the window of a vehicle on the show floor, exhibitors allow attendees to request more information on a vehicle. Instantly, that request returns information directly to the attendee’s phone. Pictures and links can be sent as well. Best of all, the request can be used by the exhibitor to continually communicate with the prospective customer.

"The best part about Text2Drive is that it provides multiple benefits to our attendees and exhibitors," said Dave Sloan, president of CATA. "Not only can we leverage this technology to help us promote the show and use it throughout the show for marketing, our exhibitors can use it to uniquely promote their brands."

In addition to the auto show campaign, the CATA has created an introductory Text2Drive program for dealer members. The program will roll out over the next few months and provide tools for the dealer’s Web site while incorporating the Text2Drive online mobile number collection widget on

If exhibitors would like more information on this innovative program, they should contact Tony French at