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Indiana taxes up too

November 16, 2010
The sales tax rate to charge Indiana residents who buy a vehicle in Illinois grew April 1 from 6.00 percent to 6.25 percent.
Since 2005, residents of eight "non-reciprocal" states may not claim the out-of-state buyer exemption in Illinois (Section 5, Box A of Form ST-556) on purchases of motor vehicles or trailers that will be titled in those states, which likewise do not extend a tax exemption to Illinoisans who buy there.
Residents of forty-two states are exempt from Illinois tax on vehicles purchases in Illinois. The eight non-reciprocal states, and their tax rates, are:
Arizona                5.60%
California             6.25%
Florida                 6.00%
Hawaii                 4.00%
Indiana               6.25%
Massachusetts      5.00%
Michigan              6.00%
South Carolina      5.00%, up to $300 maximum