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In Norway, electronics and hybrid cars outsell conventional models

January 12, 2018
Although electric vehicles make up a just small portion of the global market now, automakers — including those such as Tesla, which produce only electric models, and giants such as Volkswagen — have bet billions of dollars that such vehicles will soon be as cheap and ubiquitous as conventional cars.
"This is good for both road safety and the environment," said Christina Bu, secretary general of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.
Sales of electric cars could have been even higher, but some buyers continued to hold out for newer models such as Tesla’s Model 3.
Sales of electric and hybrid cars in Norway outpaced those running on fossil fuels last year, cementing the country’s position as a global leader in the push to restrict vehicle emissions.
About 52 percent of the new cars sold in the country last year ran on new forms of fuel, according the data released Jan. 4 by Norway’s Road Traffic Advisory Board, OFV.
But the country offers generous incentives that make electric cars cheaper to buy, and provides additional benefits once the vehicles are on the road.
As China tries to improve air quality and dominate new vehicle technology, the country wants one in five cars sold to run on alternative fuels by 2025.
Norway, which wants to phase out diesel and gasoline cars by 2025, offers a counterexample.