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Illinois titling paperwork going paperless, sort of, on Jan. 1

December 21, 2012
The Illinois secretary of state’s office has advised all the state’s franchised dealers that all title and registration data must be submitted to the office electronically beginning Jan. 1. For the state’s estimated 90 percent of dealers who already do that, the change is no cause for alarm.
For the other 10 percent of dealers, the change is not a sales deal-breaker. For now, anyway.
Secretary of state officials have indicated that they do not plan strict enforcement on the effective date, as it is not realistic for all remaining dealers to be enrolled with an electronic registration and titling vendor that quickly. The looming change for new and used vehicles was made Aug. 31.
“As for Jan. 1 being a hard date,” said Ernie Dannenberger, director of secretary of state’s vehicle services department, “we will work with dealers. We fully expect to continue getting paper applications for a number of weeks after then.
“But we’re moving toward getting them all electronically.”
Dannenberger’s office has approved three ERT service providers: CVR, call John Roeder, (636) 447-8351; DealerTrack, call Scott Jackson, (800) 876-2312; and Electronic License Service, call John Iberl, (312) 281-5600. But Dannenberger added that dealers also can submit that data electronically themselves.
“No one is required to sign up through CVR or any other vendor,” he said. “They are allowed to do it at no cost through our website, if they choose.”