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Ill. secretary of state warns of flooded cars from South Carolina

October 23, 2015
Following historic flash flooding this month across South Carolina, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office said Oct. 13 that it will scrutinize vehicle title applications for cars from that state. 
All applications for clean titles with surrender titles from states impacted by natural disasters will be reviewed on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s database, to determine if a vehicle is listed among known flood-damaged vehicles. If the vehicle is not on the NICB database, an application will be further reviewed to determine if the vehicle was registered in a flood county.
If the vehicle is not listed on the NICB database but was determined to be registered in a flood county, the applicant must submit a Natural Disaster Disclosure Statement to obtain a clean Illinois title. But any applicant unable or unwilling to complete and sign the form will receive an Illinois flood title only.
And, if the vehicle appears on the NICB database as a known flood-damaged vehicle, the vehicle will be issued an Illinois flood title only, according to a notice from the secretary of state’s vehicle services department.
Rainfall across parts of South Carolina this month reached 500-year event levels, with areas near Columbia experiencing a 1-in-1000 year event.