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How to ship recalled air bags

September 30, 2011
Air bags, of course, contain hazardous materials. Requirements for commercial shipping of these materials vary depending on if the air bags will ship by ground or air.
For ground shipments, dealerships must provide DOT hazardous materials training for any employees involved with shipping air bags (or other DOT hazardous materials such as batteries, lubricants, cleaners, additives and paint).
Shipping hazardous materials by air is inherently more dangerous than ground transportation and involves more training, preparation and precautions.
• Domestic shipments of hazardous materials require training that is DOT-compliant and that satisfies carrier-specific requirements.
• For international shipments, air carriers can only accept hazardous materials packaged in conformance with the International Air Transport Association’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR). To meet those standards, any employees involved with shipping hazardous materials must maintain current IATA certification, which takes at least three days of training to complete.
Dealers also should review their employees’ DOT-certified status, to make sure that an adequate number of employees are certified to cover all shifts when shipping and receiving activities occur. Also be sure that only certified employees engage in those activities.


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