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Hireology explores solving the hiring puzzle at car dealerships

June 29, 2018
The retail auto industry is full of processes, from greeting the customer to selling that shopper a car, setting up financing, warranties and beyond.
"The one process that seems to be missing is, ‘how do we bring the best people into our dealership?’" Hireology vice president of product Scott Brinkman said during a podcast recorded at NADA Show 2018 in March, which can be found at  
"And we’re a franchise business," he said. "We don’t control the product. We don’t control the branding. We don’t control the marketing.
"And so we see this huge opportunity for dealers to really differentiate themselves and create incredible customer experiences by bringing in the best possible people."
Doing so may require a different approach from some dealers. Shifting and often interwoven tech and retail landscapes have impacted what consumers are looking to get from the retail process. 
"The consumer’s expectations of a buying experience have changed. Consumers expect an exceptional experience. And they’re getting it from retailers and service providers," Hireology co-founder and chief executive Adam Robinson said by phone in a seperate interview earlier this year. 
Given the rise of app-based providers, such as Uber and Lyft, and specialty in-store experiences — think Apple Store — consumers are often looking for a "product specialist mindset" in a dealership salesperson, Robinson said. 
Dealerships are re-examining their staffing strategies to adapt to this shift. 
"Of course, people drive the customer experience," he said, referring to dealership staff. "And so the right people, the right configuration, the right kind of roles — all of that is being re-thought right now. And so Hireology helps dealers reposition their teams accordingly."