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Highlights of recent DealersEdge webinars

September 14, 2012
DealersEdge provides weekly access to industry experts on a variety of time-critical management issues.  The CATA offers special discounts to these programs.  Check out everything offered at the CATA Online Learning Portal.  (
Almost very week we all learn something we did not know before. Sometimes that little "factoid" provides the viewer a ‘light-bulb moment" ... revealing the one piece of the puzzle that will launch a department into new growth and profitability.
Here are some factiods from recent webinars:
• One simple addition to your store’s Google account can reduce your cost-per-referral AND improve your sales results.
Pay-per-click online advertising is often overlooked by dealers because they think it is too expensive.  PPC does cost more, but the added expense is almost always offset by the benefits. Research performed by PCG Digital Marketing shows that effective use of a pay-per-click budget reduces a car dealer’s cost-per-visitor by a factor of 12. Google also allows dealers the option of capping their monthly charges.
• Are you making the most of your Google account?  Google Analytics is an option that allows dealership managers to track the source of online leads and to measure the effectiveness of the money spent on various Internet referral sources.  If you haven’t seen a Google Analytics report, ask your Internet marketing manager to pull one and review it with you. 
Action item: Review the cost-per-visitor for all of your advertising channels, print, TV, radio, and Internet.
• BIG DATA comes to car dealerships, and the results often are counterintuitive to what dealers expected.
Big Data refers to the explosion of structured and unstructured data about people — you, me and everyone.
Computers, smart phones, GPS devices, embedded microprocessors, sensors – all connected by the mobile Internet – are generating a cloud of data about people that is growing at an exponential rate.
Often, the data proves the opposite of what we think. 
For example, on December 19, 2011, Saab announced that it was filing for bankruptcy.  In the three weeks leading up to that announcement, search traffic for new Saab vehicles was down 10% to 50% depending on the day.  But a funny thing happened on the day of the bankruptcy announcement: searches for new Saab vehicles surged 150% and maintained an average increase of 10% for the next thirty days.  What’s more, the increased web traffic continued even after Saab said it would no longer support warranty service for its vehicles.
Action item: There are free or nearly free resources available to car dealer that track customer search activity well before they make a buying decision.  Identify those resources and use them.