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Higher sales counts expected as tax refund season enters final weeks

November 18, 2010

Most consumers don’t relish the annual task of filling out tax forms and visiting accountants, but automakers and dealers display a different perspective. As the 2006 tax season proceeds, many in the auto industry are hoping the influx of tax refunds from the government will translate into higher vehicle sales, as in years past. 

"No doubt tax time has some significant impact on March and April business," explained Bud Place, senior manager of used vehicle sales and marketing for DaimlerChrysler. "Typically March is an exceptionally strong month for certified pre-owned sales. Historically it’s our best month of the year, as a matter of fact.


"April typically isn’t too shabby either, usually our third or fourth best sales month," he continued. "Given that history, we’re pretty optimistic about the next couple of months."


The same sales trend is expected for Ford and Lincoln-Mercury.


"We do anticipate an upswing in showroom traffic as the selling season starts to kick off," noted Jim Edwards, vehicle remarketing services manager for Ford and Lincoln-Mercury’s certified pre-owned division.


Discussing whether he sees business picking up early this year as more consumers are filing tax returns online, Edwards said, "We would have to look at the government numbers to see how many more tax refunds were issued earlier this year as opposed to years past. It does appear that people are getting them faster, but as far as how many fewer people are procrastinating to get their returns in remains to be seen."



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