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Hastert scores at CATA fund-raiser

November 22, 2010
A May 3 fund-raiser at the CATA for U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert netted about $35,000 for the self-proclaimed "car buff." Hastert credited automakers for saving the nation's economy following Sept. 11, 2001, by offering sales incentives to sustain consumer spending. "It was a tremendous boon, I think," the congressman said. He also vowed to work to make permanent any repeal of the estate tax. "I think that's very, very important." Later, he said compromise might limit action on the tax to an adjustment of the exemption level. Rising gas prices could be reversed, Hastert said, if Congress passes an energy bill that would allow for more fuel drilling. He said the House already passed such a bill, but two votes in the Senate held the measure. Hastert regards the war in Iraq as a "cost of freedom," and he faulted the media for nonsupport of the war. Washington, D.C.'s AIADA arranged the fundraiser.