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Fuel estimates to be re-estimated

November 18, 2010

Revamped fuel-economy estimates which better reflect factors such as quick starts, high speeds, cold-temperature driving, and use of an air conditioner will appear on Monroney stickers beginning on 2008 model year vehicles, the Environmental Protection Agency announced this month.


Dealers are encouraged to send customers to, where they can learn more about the new label and become more familiar with factors affecting their MPG. Dealership sales representatives should familiarize themselves with the new labels and with any manufacturer-specific communications on the topic.


Since the fuel-economy numbers are expected to change based on EPA’s new test, dealership sales staff should be prepared to caution customers against comparing MY 2007 with MY 2008 vehicles.


"Consumers should continue to recognize that their actual mileage will vary depending on how they drive and maintain their vehicles," said Ed Tonkin, chairman of the NADA Regulatory Affairs Committee. Other information about the new label is at