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FTC shares the basics of cybersecurity defenses for small businesses

November 2, 2018
Small business owners know that cyber criminals will steal data any place they can find it, whether it’s from a global retailing giant or a Main Street store. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission offers just-the-facts security advice tailored to the needs of dealerships and other small businesses.
At, the FTC boils it down to a dozen need-to-know topics for small businesses. First up: Cybersecurity Basics, which sets the stage for steps companies should take.
Cybersecurity Basics offers practical tips on protecting a business’s files and devices, securing wireless networks, and making smart security "business as usual" at the business. Among the topics reviewed on the FTC factsheet and video:
• Why apps, web browsers, and operating systems should be set up to update automatically
• What three key steps can help secure the company’s router?
• What is multi-factor authentication and why should it matter to a business?
• How planning for the "what ifs" may help keep a business running even if a data breach is experienced
Another key component of Cybersecurity Basics is the importance of training company staff. The FTC’s new materials — which the Small Business Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Department of Homeland Security also are promoting — are purpose-built for in-house training or a series of staff meetings. The video can introduce employees to the importance of cybersecurity.


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