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FTC issues reminder on advertising new-vehicle fuel economy

November 17, 2010

It is important that the individual responsible for a dealership’s advertising is aware of the Federal Trade Commission restrictions on advertising new-vehicle fuel economy ratings.

If both city and highway miles-per-gallon fuel economy are referred to in an advertisement, both the Environmental Protection Agency’s "Estimated City mpg" and the EPA’s "Estimated Highway mpg" must be disclosed. If only the city or highway mpg is referenced, then only the corresponding EPA estimate must be used.

When advertising combined fuel economy, dealers also must include the EPA "Estimated City mpg." In all fuel economy ads, the EPA must be identified as the source of the information, and all numbers must be referred to as "estimates."

Last year, the FTC asked for comments on the necessity and impact of fuel economy advertising restrictions in preparation for possible revisions to its regulation. The National Automobile Dealers Association suggested several changes but generally supported the FTC’s restriction.

The NADA will inform its members when the FTC finalizes its review.September is NADA's 'Green