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FTC issues new response guide for businesses with data breaches

April 7, 2017
The Federal Trade Commission recently released a Data Breach Response Guide to assist small businesses with what to do and whom to contact if they suspect their business’s data has been breached. 
Dealerships must move quickly to secure their systems if they experience a data breach. Some immediate steps to take include:
• Secure physical areas potentially related to the breach. Lock them and change codes, if needed.
• Stop additional data loss. Take all affected equipment offline right away, but be careful not to destroy evidence. Monitor all access points to your system. If a hacker stole credentials, the dealership will need to change those credentials, too, even if the hacker’s tools have been removed. 
• Remove improperly posted information from the internet. After the dealership cleans up its web presence, conduct a search to make sure others sites haven’t posted the information. If they have, ask them to remove it. 
For additional information on data breach response, view and download the FTC’s Data Breach Response Guide.