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Friday breakfasts in the service department can heat up a slow day

November 23, 2010
Many small improvements which are considered are not enacted because management thinks they won't have much of an impact. But many small improvements can add up to big increases in productivity and profitability. One dealer at an NADA 20 Group meeting said he considered ways to build traffic in his service department on Friday mornings, since it seemed to be the slowest period of the week. "We had an idea to start having breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. This was a big hit with the customers. They loved the extra attention, and it took their minds off their cars being serviced," the dealer said. "We advertised in the newspaper, and customers spread the word to others about the experiences they had. Our Friday morning appointments went sky high, it was easy to do, and it cost us less than $100 a week. Consider the following menu: ABC Motor's Diner • Two eggs, grits and toast • Fried egg and cheese sandwich on a hard roll • Toast, bagel or English muffin • Oatmeal with milk • Coffee It pays to look around the dealership, ask employees, and enact a few lowcost ideas to increase customer traffic. Measuring the results can confirm that small changes can make big differences. This submission was excerpted from "Ideas 2002," produced by the NADA 20 Group staff. For information on joining a NADA 20 Group, call 800-252- 6232, ext. 3.