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Ford, Toyota, Chevy lead in sales to Hispanic Americans: Polk study

November 22, 2010
the race to capture the increasingly influential Hispanic American consumer, Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet have distanced themselves from other automotive brands, R. L. Polk & Co reported in May. In calendar year 2003, Ford captured 15.9 percent of all new vehicle registrations made by Hispanic Americans in the United States. Toyota and Chevrolet follow in a virtual dead heat, each with slightly more than 14 percent of the market among American consumers of Hispanic heritage. Toyota this year has pushed to solidify itself in the second position overall. Toyota captured 37,353 Hispanic registrations, or 15.5 percent of Hispanic market share in the first quarter of 2004. That eclipsed Ford's share of 15.4 percent, or 36,989 registrations, during the first three months of 2004. "While they technically remain a minority group, Hispanic Americans can no longer be considered a niche market," said Lonnie Miller, Polk's director of analytical solutions. "Hispanics are growing both in numbers and consumer influence. Automotive manufacturers are taking notice and delivering products that appeal in all the traditional ways: design, price, performance and utility." Hispanics are the nation's largest minority group and are becoming more influential in their collective purchasing power. "The growing influence of Hispanic American consumers has become clear over the past five years," Miller said.