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Follow the rules on license plates, White reminds Ill. dealers

November 23, 2010
When it comes to displaying vehicle TRPs and license plates in Illinois, there's a right way and a wrong way. Secretary of State Jesse White wants to remind dealers-and to have dealers remind their customers-about the right ways.White raised the matter in June during a periodic meeting with officials of the CATA. • Temporary  Registration Permits must not be covered with any plastic or other transparent film. The permits are designed to wear out after 90 days' use. • TRPs must be secured to the appropriate area at the rear of a vehicle using four screws or similar fasteners. If the area accommodates only two fasteners, then use two fasteners. • TRPs and license plates are not to be displayed from behind the front or rear windows of a vehicle; they must be in the designated areas. • License plates must be displayed from both the front and rear of a vehicle. If a replacement plate is needed, the driver must purchase one. • License plate renewal stickers must be applied only to the recessed area at the plate's upper right corner. • License plate frames provided by the dealership must not obscure the renewal sticker. If they do, the dealership must redesign them.