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Flood vehicle watch

November 17, 2010
By Jim Butcher, Illinois AYES Manager


Students are being harked back for another school year, and the AYES program has all new and returning automotive students training in orientation and safety.



Safety training consists of OSHA regulations, MSDS safety materials, and Hazmat and EPA environmental training.  Many of our AYES schools also provide update training on mechanical systems such as metrics, American standard, thread pitch and diameter, mechanical reasoning, and mathematics for technicians, (volts, ohms, amps, bolt circle diameter, pressure and temperature relationships, etc.). 

 At many schools, we see the returning senior students assist in training the younger students in safety issues and industry orientation.


We placed 11 students in your dealerships over the summer. These students now are seniors and will continue working with you on a part-time basis for the school year.  Our AYES schools work hard to instill in their students the values and work ethics your service departments require.   

The AYES students are handpicked by their instructors to work within the AYES model. Those students who qualify are held to an extremely strict set of requirements for the remainder of their junior year in high school.


Some of these requirements include an unblemished driving record, "A" grades in automotive and "B" grades in general studies, excellent attendance, initiative, cooperation, dependability, job-shadowing activities at area dealerships, parental support for an automotive career for their child, proper work attitude and ethic, no dean/discipline referrals at school, etc.  

Your local AYES schools include Hammond (Ind.) Area Career CenterJoliet Township High School-Central CampusLake County High Schools Technology Campus, Grayslake; Parkland College, Champaign; Streamwood High School; and Technology Center of DuPage, Addison


Should you have any questions or need to employ a student intern, please call me at 630-424-6020.