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Fixed Ops training launched by CATA

November 18, 2010

A new Service Management Bootcamp, leading to Service Manager 20 Groups, debuts this summer at the CATA. Instruction will be provided by NCM Associates, the founder of NADA 20 Groups.


The launch follows months of planning by the CATA board of directors, intent on helping service directors and managers to set and exceed objectives, and increase market share, gross profits, efficiency, increased self-satisfaction and resultant employee retention.


A four-day Bootcamp, meeting Tuesday through Friday in one week, would be followed by enrollment in a Service Managers 20 Group that would meet three times a year for three years. The first Bootcamps are Aug. 22-25, Sept. 19-22, and Nov. 7-10. The subsequent 20 Groups would commence about 60 days after eachBootcamp.


Watch future editions of this newsletter for registration details and fees. The CATA is preparing significant tuition rebates to the dealer for service directors and managers who successfully complete the programs.


The Bootcamp instructor is Lloyd Schiller, a 13-time NADA Convention speaker who in 1983 formed Dealer Service Corporation. DSC is now an NCM Associates company.


Schiller said previous Bootcamp attendees, who registered through other state or metro dealer associations, saw their net profits subsequently increase up to $20,000 a month, and their CSI scores increase to top factory award status. Their technician efficiency also jumped as much as 50 percent.


"Not only did my department’s net profit double the first month after the seminar, my paycheck increased $1,000 a month," said Buddy Johnson, service manager of North Point Ford, Bastrop, La.


The Bootcamp agenda covers topics such as becoming a more effective manager, analyzing and improving key performance areas, understanding the keys to increased service department efficiency and profitability, service marketing and merchandising, and an analysis of repair orders.


Other Bootcamp topics: 

  • Creating direct performance-based pay plans
  • Implementing quick service teams
  • Setting parts inventory criteria for best repair order fill rates

Increasing service sales through an Advanced Reception Process—Greeting, Prime Item(s), Walk Around, Menu Presentation, Courtesy Visual Inspection, Line-Item Estimates, and Spending Limit Estimates

Implementing hours-loading scheduling & dispatching for maximum efficiency


Twenty Bootcamp graduates, whose dealerships are comparable in terms of volume, profit potential and number of employees, would establish a 20 Group to meet over three years. Each 20 Group would operate autonomously and create its own bylaws and discussion items.


A traditional 20 Group agenda includes comparing dealership financial statements with those of similar-sized dealerships of the same franchise from different, non-competing markets. As an important distinction, the CATA’s Service Management 20 Group analyzes the participant’s dealership financials against national norms for the line.