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Final 'persuader rule' issued

April 8, 2016
A new U.S. Department of Labor "persuader rule," effective April 25, will require employers, third-party lawyers and labor consultants to report the efforts or arrangements they make to persuade employees, directly or indirectly, on their right to organize or bargain collectively. 
"Persuader" report forms must be filed electronically with the Labor Department, where they will become publicly available. Reports must include information concerning relevant employer expenditures and the funds received by law firms and consultants. 
Reportable "persuader" activities include the conduct of union-avoidance seminars, the distribution of "persuader" materials to workers, the drafting of personnel policies on union issues and the like.
In addition, dealer groups such as the Chicago Automobile Trade Association must report to the extent that they directly conduct union-avoidance seminars or engage in other "persuader" activities. 
The Department of Labor developed an FAQ document on the new rule. Questions may also be directed to NADA Regulatory Affairs at