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Fewer dealers would recommend their DSP vendor: biennial study

November 16, 2010

Dealership satisfaction with Dealer System Provider (DSP) vendors declined seven points from the 2007 survey, the NADA’s Information Technology Committee reported Oct. 27. DSP vendors develop and support dealership computer systems that assist dealers in managing their operations.

The 2009 survey shows that 72 percent of dealership personnel are satisfied overall with their DSP vendors, compared to 79 percent in the 2007 survey. Fifty-three percent of dealership personnel in 2009 said they would recommend their DSP vendor to another dealership, about the same as the 55 percent finding in 2007.

Friedman-Swift Associates, an automotive marketing research firm in Cincinnati, oversaw the NADA’s 2009 study. The firm conducted phone interviews with 984 dealership personnel including dealers and general managers, sales managers, service managers, parts managers and office managers and controllers. The study’s margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

The survey shows that dealership satisfaction with DSP vendors is driven mainly by:

• System Functionality – Key drivers include flexibility of system software to adapt to dealership’s business needs and the ability to customize the software for dealership’s needs.

• Customer Service – Key drivers include satisfaction with overall customer service and the speed of making changes and modifications.

• Third Party Vendors – Key integration driver includes satisfaction with the ability of the system to allow third party vendors to share information.

• Training – A key driver includes effectiveness of technical training.

"The survey highlights areas that are important to dealers and where there are opportunities for the DSP vendors to improve," said Dick Malaise, NADA vice president and chief information officer.