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Feds taking Do-Not-Call Rule seriously

November 23, 2010
Noncompliance with the National Do-Not-Call Registry is leading to sizable fines, including a $780,000 penalty against AT&T for failing to properly establish and maintain an internal do-not-call list. The telemarketing sales rule, which incorporates the Do-Not-Call Rule and other restrictions, requires the following: 1. Register with the Federal Trade Commission and download the appropriate do-not-call lists, at https:// 2. Establish an internal do-not-call list. 3. Establish a written, formal policy regarding the donot- call rules, appoint an employee to be responsible for it, and distribute the policy to all employees. 4. Document any compliance efforts. The requirement for telemarketers to register on the FTC Web site took effect in October. For complete details on the new regulation, order the NADA publication, "A Dealer Guide to Federal Telemarketing Restrictions" by calling 800- 252-6232 ext. 2.