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EPA floats new body shop rule

November 17, 2010
In an effort to cut down air toxics, including cadmium, chromium, lead, manganese and nickel, the EPA has proposed a tough body shop hazardous emissions rule. Under the proposed rule, body shops would have to:



1. Paint only inside filtered, ventilated paint booths or prep stations.

2. Use high-efficiency application equipment.

3. Clean guns using non-hazardous solvents or gun-enclosed washers.

4. Have all painters trained and certified.

5. Make reports and keep records.


Also, any paint stripping involving methylene chloride (MeCl) will be significantly regulated, especially for shops using more than 150 gallons of paint stripper per year. 


The NADA Regulatory Affairs staff is reviewing the rule with input from a number of body shop managers to identify and address significant issues of concern. Any comments will be filed with the EPA by the Oct. 17 deadline.