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Environmental radicals torch SUVs at Pennsylvania dealership

November 23, 2010
A radical environmental group set ablaze at least four sport utility vehicles at an auto dealership in western Pennsylvania on Jan. 1, causing about $90,000 in damage in the group's fight "to remove the profit motive from the killing of the natural environment." The Earth Liberation Front, considered by the FBI as one of the nation's most prolific domestic terrorist organizations, claimed responsibility for the vandalism. The group set fire to gasoline jugs placed under the vehicles at Bob Ferrando Ford Lincoln Mercury in Girard, Pa., about 110 miles north of Pittsburgh. The ELF is loosely organized. Anyone who carries out an action under the group's guidelines and claims responsibility as part of the organization is considered a member. Its name has been attached to a string of vandalism in Pennsylvania in the past year. The ELF Web site indicates the group "uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the destruction of the natural environment. In North America alone since 1997, the ELF has caused over $45 million in damages to entities who profit from the destruction of life." Last month, the ELF Web site declared that ELF members and cells from the Animal Liberation Front set a Nov. 26 fire at a mink farm in Erie, Pa. The fire destroyed a barn, but no animals or people were harmed. "There is a direct relationship," the ELF Web site stated, "between our irresponsible over-consumption and lust for luxury products, and the poverty and destruction of other people and the Natural world. By refusing to acknowledge this simple fact . . . we make ourselves accomplices in the greatest crime ever committed."