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Emission test intervals changing

November 17, 2010

A vehicle’s emission testing interval will correspond with the vehicle’s registration date, in an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency change that begins in January 2008.


The change also removes emissions test-failure punishment against the driver’s license of the vehicle owner. Beginning next year, vehicles must pass the test before a registration can be renewed. Currently, the program is enforced through suspension of driver’s licenses and registrations.


Vehicles generally will continue to face emissions tests every two years. The Illinois EPA will send one emissions test notice to the vehicle’s owner four months before the registration expires, providing sufficient time for testing and any necessary repairs. Once a vehicle passes a test or is issued a waiver, the secretary of state’s office is automatically notified that the vehicle has complied, thereby allowing a renewal sticker to be obtained from a secretary of state facility or authorized dealer.


Illinois dealers who participate in the state’s Electronic Vehicle Registration system can charge customers up to $5.50 to renew a registration. That represents $2.75 cost and $2.75 profit to the dealer.