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728x902 enhancement means more traffic to dealer sites

August 21, 2020
A recent update to is resulting in a massive increase in the number of visitors that the web portal is sending directly to CATA member dealer websites. With this recent change, visitors who are searching for a vehicle are sent directly to a dealer website when clicking on a vehicle listing. This is resulting in 6,000-10,000 dealer website referrals from per month.
Until a few months ago, relied on traditional email leads, phone ups, and website clicks to send visitors to CATA member dealer websites. With this change, gets out of the way and sends that visitor to a dealer’s website, directly to the vehicle details pages.
"This is probably the most effective enhancement ever made on," said Richard Wickstrom, committee chairman. "By sidestepping the traditional vehicle details page and tired old email lead format, sends thousands of customers directly to CATA dealers. Many dealers are seeing more than 100 digital visitors per month as a result of this change."
For dealers, there was no setup necessary.’s technical partner, Automotive Internet Media, completed a setup for each dealership that deep linked directly from the search results into each dealer’s vehicle details pages.
"Knowing that dealers spend tens of thousands of dollars optimizing their websites to generate sales, decided to cut out the middle man and drive customers right into dealers’ virtual showrooms," said Mark Bilek, general manger. "This one change instantly raised the relevance of to its dealers and is a sign of the CATA’s continued commitment to provide its members exceptional value."
To date, more than 90% of CATA dealers have been transitioned to this new process. To see how many visitors is sending to your website, simply view the referring sites within the Google Analytics report for your dealership website.