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November 7, 2014, the automotive portal owned and operated by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, is partnering with Automotive Internet Media to help CATA dealer members get more exposure to vehicle inventory and dealership websites. 
"Automotive portals are fantastic for helping auto shoppers find vehicles," said Tony French, president of AIM. " is terrific for Chicagoland auto shoppers because they can see every dealership’s inventory without going back and forth between other sites.
" is provided free to CATA dealers, and it has become a clearinghouse for Chicago area automotive information."
Until now, worked like most other automotive portals. When a consumer modified the search based on her vehicle preference and clicked into a specific vehicle, the vehicle-detail page would render. Now, participating dealers will have the ability to drive the consumer who is interested in a specific vehicle from directly to the vehicle-detail page on the dealership website. 
For Chicago auto dealers, this increases the opportunity for high quality leads. Leads from third party automotive portals have been decreasing in quantity and quality for years, as car shoppers are becoming more reluctant to submit their personal information through third-party lead forms. 
Working directly with the dealership builds consumer trust and dramatically increases lead conversion because consumers know they are connecting with the business that can help them. It’s a much safer and better experience for the auto shopper.    
How it works
AIM will charge dealers a small fee for every customer who is sent to a vehicle detail page on the dealer’s website. Compared to other forms of advertising, the fee charged is below marketing costs. Most important, part of that fee is reinvested back into advertising that will drive more auto shoppers to, resulting in greater lead generation.  
"This program is a winner for our dealer members, and a winner for," said Tony Guido, chairman of the CATA’s Committee and proprietor of Arlington Heights Ford. "Our dealers are getting great traffic directly to their websites at a cost lower than market value. At the same time, they are reinvesting in 
"This marketing program will provide dealers with more options on how they reach Chicagoland auto shoppers."   
French said: "This innovative digital marketing approach is somewhat new to the automotive industry. Most dealerships measure and compare their marketing efforts in terms of leads. This is an important metric to measure; however, the data will tell you the most effective metric in terms of actually selling a car is getting your inventory more exposure. 
"If people don’t know you have a car for sale, they can’t possibly buy it. We are excited to add to a network of automotive sites that produce millions of auto shoppers." was launched in 2000 and has been providing Chicagoland auto shoppers with the ability to see "Virtually Every Vehicle in Town" in one easy-to-use website. The portal lists nearly every vehicle from every Chicago-area new-car dealership, so shoppers don’t need to search multiple websites to find the vehicle they want. 
For more information, contact Tony French at Automotive Internet Media, (312) 505-6301 or